Actress Charu Asopa has shared a glimpse of ganesh chaturthi celebration with fans. She celebrated Ganesh

Chaturthi with her daughter Gianna and ex-husband rajeev Sen. Charu has posted a vlog on YouTube. Rajiv is

also seen in this. Rajiv has also shared a post on Instagram, in which he is seen posing with his daughter and ex-


Charu Asopa celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi

Some friends of Charu are also seen in the video. Charu is seen in festive mode. He has carried ethnic attire.

Charu looked well dressed in a red color suit. His cute daughter Gianna was also seen wearing a suit. In the

video, Rajiv can be seen playing with Gianna. Rajiv also performs Ganpati aarti. Let us tell you that Charu has

shared many memorable photos of Ganpati celebrations.

Charu and rajeev got divorced this year.

Talking about Charu and Rajeev, their marriage took place in 2019. Both of them had a love marriage. But soon

after their marriage, news of rift between them started coming. They tried many times to save their relationship.

But all efforts failed. Both of them got divorced in 2023. Charu and Rajiv had also made many serious

allegations against each other. He has a daughter from this marriage. They have named their daughter Gianna.

Gianna lives with Charu. rajeev also keeps coming to meet Gianna. Now after separation, they are often seen


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