The Akkinenis have been letting their supporters down by having consecutive failures. The terrible thing is that their most recent flicks failed to live up to the audience's very basic expectations. 'Agent,' Akhil's most recent movie, was not just a box office failure but also a critical failure. Nobody anticipated that a talented filmmaker like reddy -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>surender reddy could produce a mediocre movie like Agent.

It is anticipated that the Akkinenis would approach their upcoming endeavours cautiously in an effort to revitalise their careers. On social media, however, there is a rumour that akhil akkineni is mulling a project that would be directed by tamil filmmaker Lingusamy, whose most recent movie, The Warrior with ram pothineni, was a complete failure. It's rumoured to be a big-budget action film.

Fans of Akkineni are incredibly alarmed after hearing this rumour. After Agent, fans said that they believed the worst was done, but they never imagined that it was just the beginning. Instead of working with outmoded and useless filmmakers like Lingusamy, fans say they wouldn't mind if akhil stayed at home and didn't make any films. Fans of Akkineni are hoping that this is only a rumour and that nothing of the kind has actually happened.

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