The photos of young star couple manjima mohan and Gautham karthi who flew to europe for their honeymoon are now going viral. Gautham karthik, a rising young actor in tamil cinema and son of legendary actor karthik, tied the knot with actress manjima mohan in november last year. Although karthik -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>gautham karthik was born and brought up in a very wealthy family, he decided to marry with his own money and the wedding took place in a very simple manner. Only certain celebrities and friends attended their wedding. After the wedding, both of them...were busy shooting, even the honeymoon went a little late. Even though manjima mohan quit the film industry after marriage, she has been doing vigorous exercise to lose weight. Manjima has been going viral for posting videos about this from time to time. Despite being married for several months, the young couple is in honeymoon mode. Now they have gone to Budapest, hungary in Europe. There, both of them become romantic birds and the photos taken are going viral on social media. gautham Karthik's last film august 16 1947 was a super hit and now he is acting in a film called Criminal. manjima mohan and gautham Karthik's honeymoon photos are going viral.

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