Today's Promo of Ethir Neechal serial is out... increasing the excitement for the episode. The Ethir Neechal series has been airing very briskly with a storyline that no one can guess. Although Adi Gunasekaran is not the character... director Thiruchelvam has strongly changed the plot with the subsequent twist. After Marimuthu's death, it is not yet known who will play his role, so the 40 percent property issue has also been put to rest temporarily. However, yesterday it was shown that a person in a white robe... is it the next Adi Gunasekar? Or the character Adi Bhagavan has been doubted. However, today... it is expected that the suspense of whose foot belongs will break.

In the promo released today..." The preacher who told Kadir and Gnana to wait in the temple yesterday that he would show Gunasekaran, again said something to Kadir-Gnana. Following this, Nandini is standing at home with a bowl of food in her hand. Kadir comes in suspiciously and asks Nandini, "Where are you going to go?" Nandini blurts out something. Vishalakshi who comes there immediately seems to break the truth as he says I will. So the expectation of what riots will happen in today's episode has increased.

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