Actress Nivedita's photo with her parents has gone viral and fans are in a frenzy. Actress Nivedita Gowda is currently very active on social media. He is always making reels and attracting the attention of netizens. Niveditha Gowda, who is known as a doll with a huge fan base, is enjoying life married to music director Chandan Shetty. Even after marriage, they dance like little children while doing reels. Bedagi is stealing the sleep of Padde boys by posting one after another every day. The number of fans has increased due to her beauty. For this reason, he uploads at least four or five videos a week on Instagram. All the videos she posts on instagram make the news. No matter what she wears, she looks so cute that she gets a lot of comments. Along with that comes the same number of trolls. Nivedita continues to share many videos without giving up to trolls. There will be a barrage of comments for and against this. Despite the comments, only the actress is very active on social media.


The photo of Nivedita's father and mother, who had been winning hearts for so long through reels, has now aroused great interest on social media. His father is a businessman named Lakshman. Mother hema Ramesh is a housewife. Now Sandalwood news has shared some photos of Nivedita with her parents on Instagram. Her mother is also cute like Nivedita and netizens are commenting that she is like elder sister. netizens are saying that if Nivedita is dressed like a barbie doll, her mother is also very beautiful. Many are singing and praising that the beauty of the mother has come to the daughter.

By the way, Nivedita Gowda often appears on social media along with her mother. They make reels with the mother and upload them on social media. Talking about Nivedita, Chandan and Nivedita got married on 26th of 2020. The couple got married in a grand manner in Mysore. Many movie stars also witnessed their marriage. Nivedita and Chandan Shetty's love Come Arranged Marriage. Acquaintance became friendship, friendship grew into love and marriage took place in the presence of the family. The way Chandan proposed to Nivedita was also different. Last year, there was a big news that they were going to become parents. Later found out it was a lie.

Now Nivedita has entered bigg boss and Sakat is famous. Chandan Shetty is now recognized as a music director. He made his debut in the field of music director with the movie 'Elra Kaleleyehete Kaala'. Now he has risen to the rank of hero. Currently no movie is released. But now he has been selected as the hero for the third movie. After the movies 'Elra Kaleleyehete Kaala' and 'Sutradhari', now he is acting as a hero in a new movie, and the title of his new movie was announced on the occasion of the last Vara Mahalakshmi festival. This new film is titled 'Vidyarthi Vidyarthi Niare'. The entire story seems to revolve around a college. That's why this title. Arun Amukta, who previously directed the movie 'Loose' starring Srimurali, Akul balaji and Sriki, is directing the film 'Vidyarthi Vidyarthi Niare'.

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