Shahrukh Khan has been making box office hits nonstop. Globally, the superstar's Jawan joined the 1000 crore club. For the first time, Shahrukh collaborated with tamil filmmaker atlee on the film Jawan, and it appears that both of them were ecstatic at the film's enormous success. Most of them feel, atlee is an overrated filmmaker and it was SRK's stardom which helped the movie to get the mileage.

The question of whether Jawan should attend the Oscars was put to filmmaker atlee in an exclusive interview with ETimes. According to reports, the director added, "Of course, even Jawan should depart if everything works well. The Golden Globes, the Oscars, the National Awards, and every other prize are, in my opinion, the focus of every filmmaker's endeavour. Therefore, I would most definitely want to take Jawan to the Academy Awards. We'll see. Khan Sir, I believe, will read and watch this interview. I'll also phone him and inquire, "Sir, should we enter this movie for the Oscars?"

Even though it appeared like atlee was kidding, he quickly became the target of social media trolls. Shahrukh's supporters at the Oscars, as well as those who admired Jawan, likened his speech to RRR's for the oscar submission. The South audience, who have seen every film in Jawan, is mocking the filmmaker by claiming Jawan will win the title for "Best Copy Paste."

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