The media and fans have been debating the audio launch ceremony for Thalapathy Vijay's forthcoming movie, "Leo." The audio launch event was initially scheduled to take place on september 30 in chennai by the team. There will, however, be no audio launch celebration for the movie, according to the producers. Leo is an action thriller written and directed by lokesh Kanagaraj.

The audio launch ceremony was postponed, according to the Leo producers, because of security issues and the excessive demand for credentials. Everyone has now been stunned by the producers' unexpected cancellation of the audio event with an unsuitable justification. The justification doesn't seem plausible because there will always be a high demand for overflowing pass requests for big celebrity films.

There have been some rumours that the Leo team's failure to obtain authorization for the event was due to political factors, but in their tweet, they made it plain that there were no political factors involved. There will reportedly be an audio launch ceremony for Leo in malaysia or another foreign country that would accommodate journalists in all languages. However, all of these are only conjectures; the true cause of this can only be established by the Producers.

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