In a recent interview, Jagapathi Babu discussed his movie "Rudrangi" in detail. mamata Mohandas played the lead role in the film, which was directed by ajay Samrat and produced by BRS mla Rasamayi Balakishan. "Rudrangi" debuted in theatres on July 7, but it did poorly at the box office.

Jagapathi Babu voiced his profound unhappiness with the movie's result during the interview. He added that he had enjoyed the "Rudrangi" narrative and had even taken a pay cut to work on the project. He did, however, express his dissatisfaction with the film's inadequate advertising and pointed out that the producer—an MLA—did not seem to have a genuine desire to see the movie succeed.

On regard to the difficulties the movie experienced, Jagapathi Babu added, "The film was created on a budget of eight crores. Even though the film was outside of my normal range, I nevertheless performed it. I also advised that the movie be made available on an OTT platform, but the producer took none of these suggestions into account.

He continued by saying that he thought the movie needed greater management and advertising. Despite the movie's failure, Jagapathi Babu said he thought "Rudrangi" was his greatest work. Vimala Raman, ashish Gandhi, and Navina reddy all had significant parts in the movie.

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