The comedy-drama series Kumari Srimathi, starring Nithya Menen, will debut on Prime Video on september 28. The actress made a bold and fiercely independent first impression. Keerthy Suresh, an actress, today unveiled a teaser that would introduce Srimathi's troubled world. The teaser, which is set in a tiny hamlet in the east godavari area, wonderfully encapsulates the difficulties faced by an unmarried woman who is naturally stubborn. She finds marriage to be the most annoying issue in her life, and she dislikes hearing advice to modify her mindset.

It's incredibly intriguing to see this type of hilarious material geared towards women on this platform when wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital space is dominated by cult items like pornographic entertainment. We must wait to find out if the programme lives up to the teaser's expectations. The trailer for the Gomtesh Upadhye-directed series, which is being produced by swapna Cinema and Early Monsoon Tales, will be unveiled on this month's 21st.

Nithya Menen will take part in the forthcoming Kumari Srimathi comedy-drama series in Telugu. From september 28, 2023, this seven-episode series will be available on amazon Prime Video in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, and Malayalam.  Babu Mohan portrays a lawyer in this OTT programme. In only a few more days, fans may anticipate seeing him on television. Gomtesh Upadhye is the series' director, while srinivas avasarala is its creator.

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