Emraan Hashmi, renowned for his on-screen intimacy, has established himself as a bollywood heartthrob with a penchant for deep lip locks and intimate scenes. His roles in films like "Murder" and subsequent projects earned him the moniker of the "serial kisser." Now, he is set to make his tollywood debut as a villain in Pawan Kalyan's "OG."

In a recent interview, Hashmi shared insights into his attraction to characters with morally ambiguous shades, his inclination toward negative roles, and his perspective on criticism and success. He expressed excitement about playing villains, emphasizing the need to comprehend their motives and the risks they take, portraying them as protagonists of their own stories.

Regarding the mixed response to salman Khan-starrer "Tiger 3," Hashmi acknowledged the diverse opinions and emphasized that the film's success at the box office matters most. He maintained that personal opinions won't affect him and that everyone is entitled to their viewpoint. Discussing his telugu debut with "OG," co-starring Pawan Kalyan, Hashmi described it as a pan-Indian film with a gangster theme set in Mumbai. 

He praised legendary actor amitabh bachchan, considering him an all-time original gangster (OG). On the bollywood vs. South debate, Hashmi advocated for collaboration across industries, acknowledging the challenges faced by theatres during the pandemic and the rise of pan-Indian films. Hashmi also discussed his upcoming projects, including a web series with karan johar that explores nepotism and power struggles in Bollywood.

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