fervent Under the SLV Cinemas label, producer Sudhakar Cherukuri, who has created several successful blockbusters, has launched an intriguing historical crime drama based in the 1990s. Production No. 8 for the successful production will be this amazing project. This movie, which is being directed by K.K., stars debutante Shashi Odela and young actor Deekshith Shetty from the greatest blockbuster "Dasara." The primary actress is Yukti Thareja.

Makers finished the ceremonial puja. The opening sequence was penned by srikanth Odela, the popular blockbuster director of Dasara. The intriguing title of the movie was revealed today along with a dramatic tease. The main characters are introduced in this peek. Jackie Shashi's rough appearance draws attention, while king Deekshith Shetty looks impressive. queen Yukti Thareja mesmerises with her captivating good looks.

Amidst two weapons with a rose in the middle, the title "KJQ king - Jackie - Queen" is revealed, hinting to an intriguing story that the creators want to present. Poornachandra Tejaswi will compose the soundtrack for the movie, and nagesh Banell will handle cinematography duties. The editor is the gifted Kartika Srinivas.R. Production design is under the purview of srikanth Ramishetti. Young actor Deekshith Shetty of biggest blockbuster ‘Dasara,’ fame and Shashi Odela, a debutant will be starring in this project

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