Director Hari: The story is ready for Thalapathy... director Hari is open about teaming up with Vijay

Director Hari, who is visiting theaters for the promotion of Ratnam, went to the LA theater in Trichy. Directed by Hari, vishal starrer Ratnam will release on the 26th in various languages including Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam. Ratnam director Hari met the fans at the LA theater in the Trichy Maincotgate area today for the promotion and teaser release of the film. After releasing the teaser, he sat on the stage in the theater and enjoyed watching the teaser with the fans.

3rd movie in Vishal-Hari alliance

Director Hari, who gave an interview to the media, said that the audience is ready to watch even if it takes 20 years to give a quality film. We are trying to take a good picture. We hope to do it. This film was done by vishal and I. The 3rd film was about the responsibility of being an athlete and taking on a new venture, a combo interesting.

Any chance to connect with Vijay?

We have done every fight scene and every scene very vividly. You can watch this movie with your family and you won't be disappointed. On the question of a film with Vijay, if we get his dates, we can do it immediately, the story is ready. To the question about Vijay's entry into politics, politics is good, an actor serving in such a big place is a word to be admired. To serve the people well

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