Reportedly for several months now, motorists in Kochi have been bearing the brunt of traffic congestion caused due to crater-sized potholes in the city. Earlier on Friday, the unbearable bottleneck came to a head when the motorists were stuck in traffic since morning hours, especially in parts of Kundanoor and Vytilla Junction.

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Furthermore these areas have already have been experiencing congestion due to roads pocked with potholes and the on-going construction work of the flyovers at Vytilla and Kundanoor, but Friday’s lock down is reported to be triggered by the repair works of the roads, which was started out of the blue without any alternative arrangement. Perhaps this was the knee-jerk reaction to the show-cause notice issued by the Ernakulam District Collector S Suhas, on Friday morning, to officials concerned for not having started the repair works of pothole-ridden roads in the city, despite giving an ultimatum.

Moreover the unannounced maintenance work created traffic gridlock in the city, which brought Kochi almost to a standstill. Accordingly the bottleneck, which started in the morning, was first experienced from Vytilla to Aroor and it then spread to Vytilla junction, Kundalloor junction, Palarivattom flyover and then bypass areas as well. Perhaps the district administration has identified about 45 roads in the city that are in bad condition and require urgent maintenance work.

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