Reportedly online food delivery service Zomato says that its deliver partners make over Rs 200 crore per month. Meanwhile the company claims that it employs the services of 230,000 delivery partners, who generate Rs 216 crore in monthly income. Deepinder Goyal, founder, Zomato said in a tweet "Milestone alert: Our delivery partners' monthly income has crossed 200 crore for the first time and we have just hit 2,30,000 delivery partners in india”.

Image result for Zomato says it hopes to create 10,000 new jobs within this month

He added "In September alone, we aim to add 10,000 new jobs as a result of direct employment/contracts with Zomato”.

Moreover according to the information shared by the Zomato founder, the company significantly increased its delivery partners from 8,000 in March 2018 to 150,000 by the same time this year. Perhaps from March till September, the company claims to have added another 80,000 full as well as part time delivery partners. Perhaps this is really good news as customers will certainly welcome as new job opportunities will be created because of Zomato.

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