Brij bhushan Charan Singh, president of the indian Wrestling Federation, said: "If the sexual accusation against me is proved, I will hang myself."

Speaking to the media today, he said, “They (wrestlers) are conducting an emotional drama by saying that they will throw the medals won for the country into the Ganga. I want to say something to my accusers. I will not hang myself because you throw your medals into the Ganges. If you have evidence, give it to the police. I am ready to accept the punishment of the court if I present evidence of wrongdoing. If the sexual accusation against me is proved, I will hang myself,” he said.

Allegation and protest: Alleged sexual harassment of indian Wrestling Federation president and bjp mp Brij bhushan Charan Singh. Olympic medalist wrestlers sakshi Malik, Vineshpoghat and wrestler Bajrang Punia have been protesting since april 23 demanding his arrest. They tried to march towards the new parliament on the 28th. The police arrested them.

All the tents put up for protest at Jandar Mantar in delhi were removed. sakshi Malik, Vinesh Phogat and Bajrang Punia said on twitter that they will throw their medals into the ganges at 6 pm yesterday. They came to Haridwar on monday evening to throw their medals into the Ganges. They went to the banks of the ganga in tears and were pacified by the local people and the farmers association. Throwing away the medals of years of hard work into the ganga would cost the country 2 Olympic medals and many Commonwealth and World championship medals. So they asked us not to throw the medals into the Ganges. The wrestlers then stopped the decision to throw the medals into the Ganges. They have imposed a 5-day grace period for the central government to take action against the president of the wrestling federation.

International sports bodies condemn: “We demand a proper investigation of the accused indian Wrestling Federation President Brij bhushan Charan Singh. The way wrestlers and wrestlers have been treated in the last few days is disturbing. It is worrying that the police arrested those who went to the rally to advance their protest. The place where they have been fighting for more than a month has also been cleared by the authorities.

Elections for the Executives of Wrestling Federation of india should be held within 45 days as planned. If not, the federation will be suspended by the United World Wrestling Federation. "After that the athletes will be allowed to play under a separate flag," the United World Wrestling Federation warned.

In a statement issued by the international Olympic Committee, "There should be an impartial investigation into the allegations made by the indian wrestlers in accordance with domestic law. We are aware that the investigation in this regard is in the initial stage. It should continue to reach the next stage. Safety of wrestlers and players should be ensured during these procedures. At the same time, this investigation should be completed quickly."

In this matter, it is worth noting that indian sportspersons Neeraj Chopra, Abhinav Bindra, Anil Kumble and others have voiced their support for the protesting female wrestlers.

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