Tamil Nadu chief minister M. K. stalin said, "The ruling bjp government has issued an emergency law with the intention that the judgment passed by the supreme court in favor of the delhi state government should not be implemented. The DMK will strongly oppose this emergency law. There will be no change in it."

Delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal and punjab chief minister Bhagwant Singh Mann met tamil Nadu chief minister M.K.Stalin at his residence on thursday to seek support for rejecting the Ordinance that would take away the power of the delhi state government. Later tamil Nadu chief minister M.K.Stalin and delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal jointly met the press.

At that time, chief minister stalin said: “Decided to create crisis for the delhi chief minister, as well as for the Aam Aadmi party, of which he is dependent, and of which he is the leader, the bjp regime under the leadership of Modi continues to give various crises without allowing the elected government to function freely. Apart from that various problems are continuously being presented by delhi Lt Governor.

A 5-judge bench of the supreme court has given a verdict in favor of the delhi government regarding "employees". But the bjp government with an intention that it should not be fulfilled, the central government has issued an emergency law against it today. DMK will definitely strongly oppose this ordinance and there will be no change in it.

Therefore, the two Chief Ministers spoke to us today and we discussed the situation of the Chief Ministers and the leaders of various parties who may be in other states. So, that's how this meeting took place. Of course, I am bound to appeal to all the Chief Ministers of all the states and all-India party leaders to support this through this programme.

This meeting must have taken place last week. Last week, when delhi chief minister kejriwal contacted me and asked for time, I told him that I am going to japan and singapore and will give the date as soon as I arrive. You know I came to chennai only last night. As soon as he arrived, he was given time to meet him, and that is how this meeting took place. It is very gratifying that this meeting has taken place in a very healthy and spirited way to protect democracy in the country. So I request that it continue," he said.

Then, have you talked about the meeting to be held on the 12th? Responding to the question, the chief minister said, "We have also talked about it. We will tell you when the situation arises. nitish kumar has decided to convene the meeting on the 12th. There is a situation where the congress party will not be able to attend the meeting because rahul gandhi has gone abroad. Similarly, on the 12th, I will not be able to attend the meeting. "Every year there is an event where mettur dam can be opened. So I have also said to change the date, congress President Kharge has also said. Now we have also told Kejriwal. I am also trying to change the date and he has assured me that it will be changed," he said.

At that time, the central government continues to usurp the powers of the state government. Responding to the question how do you see such a merger in this situation, the chief minister said, "Such a merger is necessary to preserve democracy. It must continue. It is my wish that it should continue not only for the sake of parliamentary elections, but to save democracy. My wish is that it should continue." He said.

Earlier, President Drabupati had recently promulgated an Ordinance to form the National capital Civil Works Commission (NCCSA). The Ordinance has been enacted to amend the National capital Territory of delhi government Act (1991) and to reject the supreme court ruling that the delhi government, elected by the people, has the power to control civil service officers.

This Ordinance empowers the central government to make recommendations regarding the appointment and transfer of A Category Officers of the delhi government and delhi Officers of the Union Territories of delhi, andaman Nicobar, Lakshadweep, Daman Diu, Dadra nagar Haveli Union Territories (DANICS) Division. According to the Ordinance, NCCSA will be headed by the chief minister of Delhi. It said that the lieutenant governor would act as the administrator of delhi and would have the final authority to take the final decision on appointment and transfer of civil service officers.

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