The debut of a hero who comes from a star family of a hero or even a reputable producer is typically the subject of considerable planning and excitement. Although renowned telugu film producer suresh Babu had different estimates for his son's debut, those calculations have now cost his son, Daggubati Abhiram, his career.

As was previously said, suresh Babu is one of the best producers in Tollywood, yet he is still unwilling to take a chance by giving his son's debut picture a high budget, which is quite startling attitude. Even for Rana's directorial debut, the s had already occurred. Any hero needs a push at the early stages of his career, but Rana did not take on commercial ventures at first, and as a result he is still having professional difficulties now, despite being incredibly gifted and having excellent screen presence.

Shekhar Kammula, whose first film directed Rana, has a positive reputation and brand. AVM Production house was another well-known brand. However, when it comes to Abhiram, suresh Babu's estimations were utterly off. The internet users are questioning how he could have let teja to helm his son's debut picture.

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