The measures done by chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao for the welfare of all segments of society in the State have been praised by the Jagadgurus of Kashi, Ujjain, and Srisaila Peethas of Veerashaiva Panchapeeta.

The Jagadgurus, Chandrasekhara Sivacharya Mahaswami (Kashi), Siddalinga Shivacharya Mahaswamiji (Ujjaini), and Chennasiddha Rama Panditaradhya Sivacharya Mahaswami, who came on the invitation of the chief minister to take part in the State's Formation Day celebrations here on Saturday, said telangana had become a role model for the country in all fields, including agriculture. According to them, the State was thriving, with residents of all walks of life—including farmers—living contentedly and quietly under the Chief Minister's innovative leadership.

The Jagadgurus who came to Pragati Bhavan were appreciative of the welfare and development initiatives carried out by the telangana Government. "The State government provides excellent support for farmer welfare. It is admirable to provide irrigation water to the farmer. The agricultural community is protected and the agriculture industry is strengthened thanks in large part to the chief minister, they claimed.

The seers pledged their support for the creation of "Naya Bharat" (New India), which aims to achieve the total development of India, and noted the Chief Minister's resolve to assist the welfare of farmers with his motto "Ab ki Baar Kisan Sarkar."

The chief minister thanked the seers for accepting his invitation and praising the State's citizens during his speech. The chief minister expressed alarm about the Center's incapacity to use the country's abundant natural resources, saying things like water and power were not being used to their fullest potential.

He said that throughout India's 75 years as an independent nation, the agricultural sector suffered greatly as a result of the neglect of the country's central authorities. Farmers also struggled as a result of a lack of irrigation systems and power, he said. To establish Naya Bharat, he asked the seers for their assistance and blessing.

The chief minister and his wife Shobha had previously received blessings from Vedic experts who had performed sacred texts. The chief minister also honoured the Panchacharya Swamijis in the customary way. In attendance were the maharashtra BRS leaders shankar Anna Dhondge, Manik Kadam, Himanshu Tiwari, and J santosh kumar from the Rajya Sabha.

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