Given the busy season ahead, Akula Sreeja, the current national champion, has her work cut out for her. Prior to the key Asian Games, Hyderabadi lady table tennis player is concentrated on maintaining her health and injury-free status.

The gold medalist in mixed doubles at the Commonwealth Games is now playing in hyderabad in a national ranking table tennis competition. With veteran sharath Kamal, the 24-year-old has been experiencing the finest times of her career, earning back-to-back national titles and the CWG gold. She was recently selected for the delhi Dabang squad in the fourth season of Ultimate table tennis (UTT).

Sreeja is eager to raise her global ranking ahead of the Asian Games, which are set to take place in Hangzhou, China, in September, in order to join the indian squad. "I have a really busy season coming up. I'll compete in international events in Nigeria, Tunisia, Croatia, and slovenia following this national ranking competition. Before the Asian Games, we have the UTT Season 4 and two national ranking competitions. My goal is to maintain physical fitness. It is really difficult to play so many consecutive games. Therefore, keeping fitness is the key goal.

"I also participate in a lot of international competitions to raise my world ranking. My goal is to drop below 70 and 60 in the global rankings, where I now stand at No. 1 in my country. For the selection of the india squad for the Asian Games, both national and international rankings would be taken into account, according to Sreeja, who is presently ranked 97 in the world.

The young woman expressed excitement about participating in the league during the upcoming season. The new season of play is thrilling. I participated in Season 2 but was absent for Season 3. I am anticipating the fourth season, which will be conducted after a three-year break, she remarked.

Given that I have a lengthy season ahead of me, playing in the league is essential. The league will be more entertaining and competitive with international players present. We have an effective crew. The second indian on the team, Ayhika Mukherjee, is likewise quite capable. Barbora (Balazova) from slovakia is one of our best international players, she said.

She also said that leagues like UTT are essential for the nation right now. It benefits the game. The popularity of these leagues will increase. The number of participants in the sport will grow.

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