Errabelli Dayakar Rao, the minister of panchayat raj and Rural Development, said on monday that telangana has surpassed all other states in terms of national electricity consumption. He acknowledged the State's electricity infrastructure transformation and emergence from darkness to chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao. Since its creation, telangana has made enormous investments, going from a state with a 2700 MW power deficit to one with a surplus in just nine years, according to him.

As part of the telangana centenary celebrations, minister Rao said, "Telangana is the only State in the country that consistently provides uninterrupted and high-quality 24-hour electricity without any cuts or holidays." He was speaking at the opening of the 132/33 KV sub-station at Palakurthi in the district on Monday.

He emphasized the State's outstanding accomplishment of having the highest power consumption in the country at 1196 units per person. Over 50,000 crore rupees worth of subsidies from the government has been given to the state's 27.10 lakh energy connections. For each vehicle, farmers have got a subsidy of Rs. 1.20 lakh.

The minister also praised the Palakurti constituency and revealed that 87,980 farmers have received subsidies totaling Rs. 880.04 crores. Additionally, 250 units of free electricity are being provided to 501 rajaka services, costing the government Rs 16.66 lakh.

"We have provided 250 units of free power and a subsidy of Rs 36.62 lakh for 246 nayi brahmin services. A total of 887 services have got Rs 3.73 crore in subsidies under the 101 units of free power plan for SC/ST energy users, he said. In addition to the 27 sub-stations already in place, the Palakurthi Constituency has seen the installation of 14 additional sub-stations totaling Rs 25 crore.

He emphasised the expansion of infrastructure by stating that the Palakurti constituency had 5,830 transformers prior to the establishment of the State. He urged the populace and party members to ignore unfounded accusations made against the electricity industry, saying, "Since then, we have installed 2,500 new transformers at a cost of Rs 37 crore." Participating in the festivities were district collector Ch Shivalingaiah, NPDCL representatives, members of the local community, and others.

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