It does not provide telugu as a language of instruction for learning. However, this telugu Medium is a chic restaurant that just debuted in jubilee hills and serves some traditional South indian cuisine. telugu Medium conjures us images of fun moments, delicious cuisine, and simpler times. "As a community, we want to do that. According to Rohith Medisetty, a partner of telugu Medium Kitchen, both the setting and the cuisine recall fond memories.

He claims that the concept behind telugu Medium was to open a restaurant serving hearty South indian food. The majority of our recipes are adaptations of foods we grew to love, he continues. With shallow domes and vaults adorning the ceiling, the restaurant's construction and decor were created with an earthy aesthetic in mind. telugu Medium Kitchen aims to infuse the metropolis with a touch of the countryside. Celebrating our local food took the front stage, no doubt. We wanted to provide dishes that bring back fond memories. Whether it's the Nalli Gosht Biryani or our Mudda Pappu Avakaya Annam, all of it takes you back to a certain memory, claims Rohith.

Within a short time of opening its doors, the restaurant, which serves genuine meals and an atmosphere that whispers tales of history and flavor while presenting the legacy of South India, has been getting excellent feedback from foodies and cultural connoisseurs.

"F&B generally does offer a canvas on which to experiment. In terms of food, we have stayed with a few of our go-to favorites and given a few others a local twist. But we would argue that creating a straightforward yet elegant atmosphere that promotes South indian cuisine is what distinguishes us as a restaurant," says Rohith.

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