With people excitedly anticipating its arrival, the bharath Rashtra Samiti (BRS), which started to gain ground in Maharashtra, could see the first indication of success. The party's May 11 membership campaign has picked up steam as a result of its teams visiting villages and towns throughout all 288 assembly seats.

The BRS has plenty of room in Maharashtra's political scene, according to the first comments from party officials. Its area is expected to expand as the group becomes a powerful force by the time of the next elections. The BRS leaders assert that in a manner, "we are the early birds arriving with new flag and new message."

The youth, peasants, and women are the key demographics showing interest in the new party, its platform, and literature. The party teams have been reaching out to the villages, as desired by the party leadership, well before people depart for the day's farm work. They have engaged them in constructive conversation and an exchange of ideas, lasting one to two hours in each hamlet.

The telangana model, which has been implemented with amazing agriculture sector success, is the topic that receives the most discussion at village level meetings, which all result in the creation of BRS committees. women who still go vast distances to obtain drinking water are being drawn to Mission Bhagiratha, which might help deliver drinking water to every household in Telangana.

The BRS teams were only able to reach three to four of the minimum five villages each day that they were supposed to cover with the party message. In the last 10 days, some teams were successful in creating 25 to 30 village level committees, according to shankar Anna Dhondge, a former mla and BRS leader.

He stated that the party teams using tabs were able to update the status immediately. On the internet, the party work is being watched and managed. At the party headquarters, block-by-block data on membership enrollment and the creation of new committees is updated every day.

"At first, we just had one squad for one assembly district. According to Sudhir sudhakar Rao Bindu, who is leading the party membership campaign in the Pathri Vidhan Sabha seat, each block now has a BRS team deployed, and over the last four days, the way people are reacting to us has increased their sense of optimism and confidence.

He said that Maharashtra, particularly the Parbhani area, heard the Vedic hymns chanted at the opening of the Brahmin Sadan on wednesday in Hyderabad. As the BRS supremo unveiled a series of initiatives for the community's welfare, leaders of the Brahmin community expressed their satisfaction.

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