All party M.P.s of tamil Nadu will meet the Central Water Power minister under the leadership of minister Duraimurugan regarding the Cauvery issue. A group of 12 members of parliament from all parties of tamil Nadu headed by tamil Nadu Water Resources minister Durai Murugan will meet the Central Jal shakti minister and submit a petition demanding that karnataka immediately release the water to tamil Nadu.

On the instructions of chief minister Stalin, the group will meet the Central Water Power minister tomorrow evening and urge the karnataka government to give the necessary instructions to the Cauvery Water Management Authority to provide Cauvery water to tamil Nadu. Under the leadership of Water Resources minister Duraimurugan, DMK's D.R. Balu, Congress' Jyothimani, AIADMK's Thambidurai and Chandrasekaran are in the list of tamil Nadu MPs who will go to delhi and meet the Union Water Power minister on the Cauvery water issue. Also, vaiko of Madhimuga, Thirumavalavan of Vishik, Anbumani of Bamaga, GK Vasan of Tamaga, Subparayan(CPI), R. Natarasan(CPM), Chinnaraj(Komatheka) and Nawaz Gani(EUMULee) are also present.

For the past few days, the issue between tamil Nadu and karnataka state regarding Cauvery river water has increased. 40.4 TMC from karnataka to tamil Nadu from june 1 to July 31, 2023. While the water was supposed to arrive, only 11.6 TMC of water has arrived. In the case filed by the tamil Nadu government in the supreme court, the supreme court has set up a three-judge bench to investigate the matter. However, while karnataka is adamant that it cannot release water to tamil Nadu and will only release less water, MPs of all parties in tamil Nadu are going to meet the minister of Central Jalshakti Department.

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