rajya sabha mp kapil sibal has given his statement on the Women’s Reservation Bill. Sibal says that he has

always supported this bill. The rajya sabha mp has raised questions on the intention of the Modi government

to implement this bill. Sibal said that it should have been implemented in 2014 itself, but bjp did not allow

anyone to agree on it. Whatever the Modi government is doing, the reason behind it is the 2024 Lok Sabha


kapil sibal said while talking to the media, Will they (central government) pass the bill without delimitation?

We are ready. You have talked about census and delimitation. We are already ready. We have always We were

ready for this, whether we were in the ruling party or in the opposition. They are not implementing it because

they know that they will not have to do it even in 2029. This is for the 2024 lok sabha elections.

Along with this, he said that from 2014 till now we are ready to bring this bill, whether we are in the ruling

party or in the opposition, we were always ready. But during that time you (BJP) did not allow consent.

Earlier on tuesday (September 19), kapil sibal had said that this bill is another dream being sold by Prime

Minister narendra modi for the 2024 lok sabha elections and women will be able to get its benefits only in

2029. Sibal said the bill was brought for political purposes and it was surprising for him to understand why

the bill was introduced today, nine years and four months after the bjp government came to power in 2014.

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