Foreign minister Vivian Balakrishnan has highlighted Singapore's use of artificial intelligence (AI) to predict eye-related diseases by analyzing retinal photographs. However, while talking about the future development of the country through AI, he cautioned that we cannot use it fully with the results of the current studies. But he said, singapore will excel in AI technology soon. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, Vivian will participate in the 78th United Nations General assembly meeting in New York from september 17 to the next day, september 23. It is noteworthy that he had already addressed the UNGA on september 18, and at the Earthshot prize Innovation Summit on september 19, he also delivered a speech on sustainability. Also at the conference, Vivian shared how AI can be useful in important areas like health, climate and food security. Vivian said that even though singapore is a small place, it uses AI to stay relevant, but she also cited that it is still in the learning stage.

For example, singapore is said to be trying to use AI to diagnose eye diseases, fish farming, and flood and weather forecasting. He also said that AI will help predict all kinds of weather problems that could cause disaster as singapore is low-lying and close to the sea. In addition, Vivian said, it is essential to ensure that people can use AI safely, privately and with confidence.

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