Today, 'Emergency alert: Severe' was the subject of a message that was sent to several mobile users and was accompanied by a loud beep. people soon started sharing their amazement on social media. This has happened before. Many mobile phone users received these texts in the past as well.

How netizens React

'This is a SAMPLE TESTING MESSAGE delivered through the Cell Broadcasting System by the Department of Telecommunication, government of India,' reads the 'emergency alert' message that displayed on the mobile phones. As there is nothing you need to do, disregard this message. The National Disaster Management Authority has implemented a Pan-India Emergency Alert System, and this message has been sent in order to TEST that system. It aims to improve public safety and offer prompt alerts in times of need. Numerous users of mobile phones have expressed worries about it.

Some of them believed their mobile devices had been compromised. Many of them shared messages regarding the flash alert notice on their X (previously Twitter) profiles. Here are a few online users' responses.

What is the ‘Emergency alert: Severe’ message sent on mobile?

It's just a test message from the government, but the alert flashes and emits a beeping sound until the user clicks OK.No need to panic, telangana State police tweeted on its X handle in an explanation of the post. A sample message to be transmitted in the event of a national emergency has been sent by Central Telecommunication.

Earlier, the Department of Telecommunication's Cell Broadcasting System announced that such tests will occasionally be conducted in various places to evaluate the capacity of mobile operators and cell broadcast systems to transmit emergency warnings. It was also said that the National Disaster Management Authority and government agencies are striving to make preparations for catastrophes like earthquakes and tsunamis.

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