At least 25 MPs in the state will be elected by the bjp in the upcoming lok sabha elections. Former deputy chief minister Govinda Karajola expressed confidence that the bjp candidate will be selected from Bagalkot and Vijayapur. Monsoon rains have failed in the state. Former deputy chief minister Govinda Karajola said that due to the lack of precautionary measures in the state, the crops of one lakh hectares of the state have been destroyed and the farmers are in dire straits and are cursing the state government.

Addressing a press conference at his residence on Thursday, he said that at least ₹10 crore should be released to drought-affected taluks to start drought relief work and provide employment to farmers and laborers. He demanded to start Fodder bank and Goshala to save cattle which are the wealth of farmers. Although the state has a power generation capacity of 31 thousand MW, only 7 to 7.5 thousand MW is being produced. The average power requirement in the state is 13 thousand MW, and the power consumption has risen as half of the requirement is generated. Farmers are not able to provide electricity for at least 7 hours a day. This is a government without foresight. Alleging that the production of thermal power has decreased by 20% due to non-purchase of coal, he explained how much was being produced from which source in the past and how much is being produced now.

It has been four months since the government came to power. Not a single development work has started. ₹11,144 crore earmarked for SCs and STs has been misappropriated. This government has not given a single rupee for education, employment, land ownership, irrigation, direct credit etc. for this community. Our bjp government had sanctioned and released funds for 200 residential schools costing ₹25 crore each. 60% of this has been completed and the rest is standing as the inauguration. Sanction was given for the construction of 180 hostels at a cost of ₹5 crore each. Many works have stopped. Our HJP government allocated 10 thousand acres of land to 8 thousand beneficiaries out of one thousand crores of land ownership scheme for SCs. 5000 acres of land has been given to 4000 beneficiaries at a cost of ₹400 crore to the st community. This government has not given an inch of land. He complained that it was an anti-Dalit government.

There was a congress government from 2013 to 2018. He challenged them to issue a white paper on what they have contributed to the sc and st community. After shedding crocodile tears for Dalits, coming to power is not coming forward to wipe their tears. Development works in the state have come to a complete standstill. The ongoing works were stopped for bribery. 41 congress MLAs are complaining that the transfer is a scam. The chief minister demanded an answer on this.

The danger was not wrong if the chief minister was convinced that there was a danger to the congress government from the Congressmen and did not correct it. Three DCM posts are vacant. Many ministers and legislators agree. The intellectuals around the cm are saying that all this is a ploy to tie up DCM DK Shivakumar. congress is a threat to the government. To the question whether the bjp is planning to topple the government, he said there is no need to poison those who die after drinking milk.

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