Trust General Secretary Champat Rai says that one may have to sit for four hours, wherever PM

and cm go, people have to come there first, hence we are also imagining the duration of sitting. It

may be three to four hours. people sitting inside will have darshan only after the PM leaves. Then it

will take time and the ability to sit inside, walk, all this is required. Chawar, Chhatra and Charan

Paduka, our authority over this will not work, our orders will not work.

Champat Rai said that administrative security does not mean SP, when PM comes, the security is

Special Protection Group and no one has any authority over it. We are requesting everyone and it is

right that the old Saint mahatma should not come, he should come in February, when the weather is

a little warmer, then only he will be honoured.

Ambassadors of some countries will also be invited

4000 distinguished saints and saints associated with different methods and traditions of worship

along with all the states and languages of india will be invited to the Praman Pratistha program of

Ramlala. Apart from this, ambassadors of some countries along with officials from the sports

world, art world, poets, writers, litterateurs, scheduled castes, tribes, nomadic castes, administrative

police and army will also be invited.

These invited members will also include those people whose family members had sacrificed their

lives in the ram mandir movement. Along with this, care will also be taken that representatives of

all the famous temples of the country are included. The Trust has made it clear that the list of

invited members is being prepared, only those will enter the 70 acres of ram Janmabhoomi

complex and the rest will not be able to enter the ram Janmabhoomi complex.

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