JDU national president Lalan Singh held a press conference on Sunday. During this, he fiercely

attacked the Modi government regarding the women Reservation Bill. He said that in the name of

women's reservation, the prime minister did event management and hence a special session was

called like an event for a cultural program and similar event management was done. Their intention

is not to give women reservation. bharatiya janata party and prime minister narendra modi do not

want to give reservation to women. They do not believe in women empowerment. If there is faith

then it would not have been given in 9 years, now when 6 months are left for elections, they are

talking about women empowerment.

They are making slogans in the name of women's reservation - Lalan Linh

Lalan Singh said that till the time narendra modi was the chief minister of Gujarat, had

reservation been given to women? What is there in the women's reservation bill that has been

brought? First there will be census and then there will be delimitation. A Delimitation Commission

will be formed for that. The home minister is saying that the census will be held after the Lok

Sabha elections. After the lok sabha elections, there will be a census, then the Delimitation

Commission will be formed, by then 2029 will come, then they are making slogans in the name of

women's reservation. They have no desire to implement women's reservation.

Only after the census, we will know what is the population of the society

National President of JDU said that reservation in reservation is the demand of the entire country.

There is a demand that is why caste based census has been conducted. Only after the census is

conducted, it will be known what is the population of the society and accordingly reservation can

be given to women. Lalan Singh also advocated reservation for the backward classes of Dalit,

backward and minority communities. At the same time, on Sushil Modi's allegation, he said that he

has seen Sushil Modi's statement. sushil modi is suffering from illness. They are speaking the

official stand of BJP. BJP's official stand is anti-most backward.

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