Municipal Administration and Urban Development minister KT Rama Rao claimed that Hyderabadians were a peaceful group who valued progress and that if the state's capital city was growing quickly, the rest of the state would follow suit.

The State's revenue is generated by hyderabad to the tune of about 45%. The populace would live contentedly if basic necessities like power, clean water, and law and order were upheld throughout the metropolis. According to chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, hyderabad wants to be a global metropolis and a model city in many ways.

The administration had finished various projects during the previous nine years. He urged people to support the administration and its leaders as they worked to further the welfare and prosperity of the country. On Monday, the minister formally lay the groundwork for a bridge over the musi river in this area. At a cost of Rs 545 crore, the State government is building 14 bridges over the River Musi in various parts of the city. The one at Fathullaguda, which is now being built, is anticipated to cost Rs 52 crore.

Speaking at the event, the minister said that past administrations had ignored River Musi, which had led to its unsanitary state. According to him, the State government was carrying out development and beautification projects along the River Musi from Manchirevula to Ghatkesar. By the end of October, 31 sewage treatment facilities with a combined capacity of 2,000 MLD would start operating, and only treated water would be discharged into the River Musi. At Durgam Cheruvu, a 700 MLD plant has already been developed, he claimed.

In addition to this, a road-cum-bridge for Rs 10,000 crore was being planned from Manchirevula all the way down south to Ghatkesar. people from nagole and the surrounding districts currently have to make lengthy diversions in order to access the Outer Ring Road and go to the Airport. He said that after the motorway was built, it would enable a shortcut to reach ORR.

The State government was building bridges over the River Musi using cutting-edge technology and exquisite designs. Senior officials were dispatched to france and greece before the construction began to examine the previous bridges built there and develop lovely designs and long-lasting constructions. Officials were given clear orders not to build the bridges as ordinary projects, but rather to come up with stunning constructions, the official claimed.

Each bridge would be distinctive in its own right and enhance the local area's visual value in the city. After the Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge opened, it quickly became a highly sought-after location for movie shoots. The minister predicted that locales like Fathullaguda and others will become popular spots for movie shoots.

Few people had previously taken the State government's promises seriously when they said they would reduce traffic at the LB nagar, Bairamalguda, and nagole crossroads. These intersections had no traffic concerns today, and people were posting videos on social media about the fantastic work the State government was doing, he said.

Residents have urged that the Strategic Nala Development Programme be implemented to solve the water logging after floods hit ayyappa Colony and other locations in 2020. As a result, the first phase's work was completed with Rs. 1000 crore, and the second phase will soon see the release of Rs. 5,000 crore, according to him. In addition to Pedda Amberpet near ORR, the Metro link service from nagole to LB nagar would be implemented. He also promised that the GO 118's technical issues will be resolved very soon.

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