K. T. Rama Rao, working president of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), stated on tuesday that telangana governor tamilisai soundararajan is unqualified for her position. His outspoken response followed the governor's rejection of two cabinet-nominated candidates for the state Legislative Council. The politician, known as ktr, claimed that the governor, who had deemed the two respectable leaders from the underprivileged parts of society unsuitable, was also unfit.

He called prime minister Narendra Modi "undemocratic" and said that the Governors, who serve as Modi's go-betweens, share the same trait. On the grounds that the two were "politically aligned persons," the governor had on monday rejected the state cabinet's request to appoint BRS leaders Dasoju sravan and K Satyanarayana to the Legislative Council under the governor's quota.

KTR said that Satyanarayana, who belongs to a scheduled tribes group, has been involved in the national trade union movement whereas sravan, who is from a backward classes community, took part in the telangana agitation. She wrote that those with political affiliations shouldn't be nominated, which is disgraceful. Nothing could be more absurd than this. She was a political leader up until recently. She served as the BJP's president in tamil Nadu, he claimed.

The BRS leader prompted her by pointing out that the Sarkaria Commission's findings made it quite apparent that anyone involved in active politics should not be appointed governors. "We'll bring this matter to the public. Who is unsuitable will be judged in the people's court, he added, inquiring as to the Governor's objection to the administration sending two sons from underprivileged classes to the Legislative Council.

"The government has the authority to do that. Our right is to choose who we designate. They do really have connections to political parties. what's incorrect about it. Do you have any political ties? He questioned the governor, saying, "Can there be one law for her and another law for others? Are you still not working as a bjp leader?"

The Governor's institution, according to ktr, is being abused to undermine the democratically elected state governments. He referred to the position as colonial and suggested that it be discussed whether or not indian democracy need it. When asked if the cabinet will once again present the two nominees to the governor, he responded, "We will explore all options."

The BRS leader announced the names of numerous lawmakers who had lately been nominated to legislative councils in states like Uttar Pradesh. He emphasised how quickly after joining the bjp, jyotiraditya scindia was nominated for the Rajya Sabha. When asked to reply to claims made on the same subject by Union minister Kishan reddy, ktr said that reddy was the least qualified minister and was unable to finish the building of a flyover in his district.

"He is a person who fled the telangana movement without quitting. It is unnecessary to bring him up, he continued.

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