Gurugram lok sabha seat caste equation!!!

To win the lok sabha elections, congress has tried to play the caste vote bank card with glamour. congress candidate raj babbar belongs to a punjabi goldsmith family. Often his daughter Juhi Babbar is seen mentioning this in political forums and trying to woo the Muslim and core vote bank along with the punjabi vote bank.

There are a total of 25 lakh voters in Gurugram Lokbha constituency, out of which the population of Ahir community is 17 percent. bjp candidate and recent mp Rao Inderjit belongs to Ahir community. Ahir community is spread in all three districts of this region. Here the Muslim Meo community plays a decisive role, whose population is 19 percent. After this, OBC voters are also in large numbers. Similarly, the number of sc voters is 15 percent.

Political parties eye migrant voters

Jat voters included in the general category share 8 percent votes, which is the highest in this category. JJP candidate Fazilpuriya himself belongs to the Yadav community. In political forums and public meetings, he is seen targeting Union minister Rao Inderjit Singh, accusing him of neglecting the OBC and Ahir communities. raj babbar is eyeing to break into the Muslim, Jat, sc vote bank along with the punjabi voters of Gurugram.

Cyber Hub Gurugram lok sabha seat is a bit difficult in comparison to the politics of other seats in the country. The reason for this is that along with the local voters, there is a large number of migrant population in this seat. Other parties including Congress-BJP will also keep an eye on these migrant voters. This time, local issues including Mewat riots, employment, basic facilities dominate the lok sabha elections. bjp and congress candidates are mentioning this in public forums and holding each other responsible.

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