With the results of the andhra pradesh State assembly and parliament elections about to be released, it seems that there will be a huge shake-up and changes in the telugu Desam Party. andhra pradesh State telugu desam party President Achchennaidu is seen to be given those responsibilities to Nara Lokesh. In line with this, TDP's senior leader buddha venkanna recently made key comments.

Nara lokesh should be appointed as the party president.. This is my demand, said senior tdp leader buddha Venkanna. Senior tdp leader buddha venkanna revealed that he has the right to demand that Nara lokesh be made the party president. On the day Chandrababu took oath as the chief minister, he demanded that Nara lokesh be appointed as the president. Senior tdp leader buddha venkanna expressed confidence that if Nara lokesh is appointed as the president, the party will survive for another 30 years.

Besides... it is stated that 130 organizations will join the alliance in the next assembly elections. Senior tdp leader buddha venkanna made it clear that Chandrababu will take oath in Amaravati...Bhuvaneshwari will decide the date of Chandrababu's oath taking. Chandrababu explained that I will have a page in Chandrababu's soul story... Chandrababu did not wash his feet with blood for a ticket. Even though many people left the party and ran away, I stood....those who did not fight....TDP senior leader buddha venkanna was fired for blackmailing and getting tickets.

We didn't get tickets despite our qualifications.... Pinnelli attacked us. Pinnelli put a bid for the post of Municipal Chairman of Macharla... He made harsh comments saying that it was not wrong to shoot Pinnelli. Some ycp leaders, who decided that defeat was certain, went abroad....They said they would not even come for the counting. Senior tdp leader buddha venkanna also blasted Pinnelli's name in the red Book. However, in the wake of senior tdp leader buddha Venkanna's comments about the change of tdp president, it is said that Achchennaidu's position has started to deteriorate. And let's see how Babu will proceed on this.

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