Fighting in the pakistan team..!?What happened..!?

Pakistan team captain Babar Azam has now explained the news that there was a problem between the players due to Pakistan's defeat in the Asia Cup cricket series. pakistan entered the Asia Cup series when they were ranked number one in the world. However, pakistan suffered a crushing defeat against teams like india and Sri Lanka. pakistan captain Babar Azam clarifies dressing room fight controversy. As a result, after the match, pakistan captain Babar Azam scolded the players who were sitting in the dressing room. Because of this, shaheen Afridi questioned the players who performed well, why they were scolding everyone, and to which Babar Azam said that he knew who played well and who did not play. Later Mohammad Rizwan pacified both of them. pakistan captain Babar Azam met the media before india departed for the world cup cricket series. A question was then asked about the conflict between the players.
Babar Azam, who has explained this, has categorically denied this news. There is no problem in our team. There was no fight between anyone in the dressing room. After every match, we will discuss the players about win or loss. When we were doing that, some people changed what we talked about and made a twist. Everyone in our team is loved and respected. This is not a team. Babar Azam said that we are acting like a family and we will miss the youngster Nashim Shaw. Babar explained that instead of him, Hasan Ali, who has played in india, has been included in the world cup team.

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