Viral: Century old Doll was Sold for Rs 55 lakh!!!

A doll that was bitten on and had other damages was found under the hamper and was auctioned off for an astounding £53,000 (about Rs 52 lakh). This unusual 1910 toy, also known as the "Kammer & Reinhardt 102 Walter bisque socket head antique doll," was discovered in a garage. Vectis, a Teesside-based company, managed the auction. German buyer was let down when a tenacious telephone bidder from the united states won the prized asset.

According to the auction website, the doll outperformed all predictions and the final sale price astounded everyone. It was originally expected to sell for between £12,000 (Rs 12 Lakh) and £17,000 (Rs 17 Lakh). The manufacturer emphasised the doll's outstanding attributes, referring to it as "one of the world's rarest" because of its bigger size, "fine modelling, intensity of expression, and translucent painting."

According to the BBC, Vectis specialist Kathy Taylor stated, "It's amazing that it fetched such a significant amount, but it's truly a stunning and exceptionally rare piece."

The unidentified vendor claims that the doll was handed down through the generations, initially belonging to their mother and then their grandmother. The seller described how the doll had always been prominently displayed on the sofa in their family's living room. The doll, however, lost a foot due to the frisky puppy's malicious antics. The doll, according to the auction website, is "one of the world's rarest in this larger size with fine modelling, intensity of expression, and translucent painting."

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