People sell their kidneys in Afghanistan..?

The worst situation prevails in afghanistan, where the Taliban rules. people are starving to death as the economy collapses. Eventually, the people living there did not even hesitate to sell their own kidneys. This shows how miserable and hopeless the Afghan people are living under Taliban rule. The unwillingness of all countries in the world to recognize the Taliban government.
The Taliban formed the government of the Islamic Emirate of afghanistan in the month of august last year. The Afghan economy has been down and deteriorating ever since that. The Jobs, employment, or food to eat or people are agitating. Poverty is on the rise in Afghanistan. Due to this, people are selling their belongings in their homes and filling their stomachs with that money. Many poor people living there, are even selling their kidneys and using that money to support their families.

Dr. Nazir ahmed who is a urologist and kidney transplant surgeon from afghanistan said that he had performed 85 kidney transplant operations last year. He said a kidney transplant in afghanistan would cost around Rs 6 lakh.  Many poor people are selling their kidneys to feed their families.

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