Rashmika Mandanna, the "national crush," has spoken up about how her parents feel about her work. In a recent interview, the actress—who has been in two bollywood movies and other South Asian blockbusters, including Pushpa—was asked if her parents are "extremely proud" of her. rashmika said that they weren't yet "truly" proud of her.

Speaking with Harper's Bazaar India, rashmika said, "Not really, because my family is disconnected from the film industry, and they don't realize what their daughter is doing. But they are happy for me when I receive an honor. Perhaps I need to accomplish a lot more to make them truly proud of me." She said, "My parents have raised me with no reservations, and I hope to take care of them now." "I am appreciative that my parents raised me without any hesitation and gave me all I could possibly need. And now it's my turn to look after them," she continued.

Rashmika had previously revealed that when she was growing up, her parents struggled financially. rashmika said to Hindustan Times late last year that she didn't put much of an effort into her childhood demands since she knew her parents couldn't afford it. We used to transfer homes every two months back then. Since I was a young child, I have been aware of these things (struggles)," she remarked.

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