Naturally, when the film "Acharya" was released, several critics complained that director koratala siva had bothered to underutilize the combined screen presence of chiranjeevi and ram charan by failing to develop a compelling story in the first place. Even though his failure contributed to the movie's box office disaster, it still surprises everyone how every actor and crew member involved in the movie is blaming him for the failure.

Even ram charan expressed his opinion that the film did poorly and caused them to lose the audience's confidence, even though they made money from it, after megastar chiru made numerous statements critical of the director's inability to create a flawless film. mani sharma has now inferred that his original background music for acharya was different and that koratala forced him to create this inferior version. When one hears all of this, they may wonder why koratala is being held entirely accountable.

It seems that many famous directors make bad movies, as with puri Jagan's Liger, Sukumar's 1-Nenokkadine, and Trivikram's Agnyathavasi. However, none of those movies' directors received significant criticism. One can question why koratala is receiving such harsh criticism and why the filmmaker is remaining silent while accepting full responsibility. While his response to this would be #NTR30, the question of what made him so powerful on the acharya set that he took all the calls regarding the project and is now accepting responsibility for the film's failure needs to be addressed.

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