With the recent success of the telugu films Veera simha Reddy and Waltair Veerayya, the well-known actress shruti haasan has returned to the film industry after a brief absence. But despite spending more than a year away from the movie business, the actress has always been very active on social media. Particularly shruti haasan has always kept her fans engaged with her instagram account by posting interesting, innovative, and intriguing updates. Similarly to this, shruti recently had a "silly" conversation with her instagram followers.

Shruti Haasan recently announced a unique Q&A session for her instagram followers and fans, writing: "Ask me a foolish question. Just be silly, please." Fans of the Salaar actress quickly barraged her with some incredibly absurd yet entertaining questions, and she politely responded to most of them. Curiously, shruti was questioned by a devoted admirer "I would like to date you. Can it be done?" But she simply said "No" in response.

Sukanya, who shruti haasan affectionately refers to as Kusuma, took to her instagram page and posed the question, "Squeaky farts or raucous farts?" The actress reacted after introducing her buddy to her followers: "Kusuma My response is fairly straightforward. Squeaky farts are interesting, therefore I like them." shruti was asked by another fan if her heart is black. shruti originally said yes, but she later said she doesn't know and that perhaps the colour of her heart is pink.

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