Of course, there will always be a huge demand from fans for updates from the film, but providing so many updates risks hurting both the audience and the fans if things don't work out as planned, as they did in the case of "Acharya." Here is some sound advice for the director to heed as he creates #NTR30, koratala Siva.

Koratala recently claimed that this movie would be his best effort to date during the premiere of #NTR30, which greatly increased anticipation for the release. It's wonderful to have some nationally renowned set designers and other technicians on board, but the filmmakers have also announced the addition of Kenny Bates, the hollywood action director responsible for numerous huge box office successes, including Prabhas' Saaho. This helped to build up the film's buzz, which had already increased with Janhvi Kapoor's entrance.

In truth, there won't be any problems at all if the director can match his content to the anticipation. However, if things proceed as they did with acharya, fans will feel bad and the filmmaker may once more face teasing. When acharya was being promoted, the director stated that chiru and Charan would have fantastic roles in the movie, but when they were actually rather boring and uninteresting, it seriously hurt his credibility.

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