Actress and social activist poonam kaur is rumoured to be entering politics and joining a national party. poonam kaur clarified these rumours through a press release today. Recently, poonam kaur warned in a press release that some political leaders want to use her as a pawn for their selfish gains, which is not appropriate.

Poonam Kaur said - "I am not a political party. I am not a person of any political party. I respond based on the problem. Some political leaders want to use me as a pawn for their selfish interests. This is not appropriate." In the last election too, they have done such perverted acts and others have criticized that they want to get satanic pleasure. poonam kaur said that such conspiracies against a woman are not appropriate.

Poonam Kaur expressed her anger that some leaders are calling her and her family members in the name of sympathy. poonam kaur said that she is currently working for the handloom artists and has been working with Yarramada venkanna Neta, the designer of the National Handloom Day for the past two years, and is touring the country with him.  We have already met more than 100 members of parliament from 15 states and 21 political parties and have taken their help.

 We discussed this with women's movement leaders. I will continue to raise my voice for women's rights. Poonam said that we are in the process of building handloom and women's movements at the national level. poonam kaur said that she will announce any update from her side politically and personally. Poonam's press release has become a topic of discussion in the film and political circles.

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