The chennai floods did not spare even Rajinikanth. chennai was hit with severe rains earlier this week, flooding the city. Residents of chennai struggled to survive the floods due to a lack of electricity, phone service, and daily necessities. Water logging occurred in several spots across the city. It has now been discovered that Rajinikanth's home was also flooded.

A viral video indicated that there was severe flooding outside Rajinikanth's residence in Chennai's Poes Garden district. Because of the flooding, transportation in the region became difficult. It is unknown if the water logging was removed at the time this article was published. aamir khan was also caught up in the chennai floods. The bollywood star was rescued from a flooded site in chennai earlier this week, according to images that went viral earlier this week.

The bollywood actor was spotted in a rescue boat alongside tamil actor vishnu vishal and other flood victims. According to reports, Aamir also received assistance from tamil actor ajith Kumar. Aamir is alleged to have been in chennai for his mother's medical care. Suriya and Karthi, two tamil stars, have declared an initial gift of Rs 10 lakhs to aid in any type of relief effort. Their fan clubs are supposed to be in charge of distribution.

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