Hyderabad traffic police contributed to the viral social media trend by using the hilarious meme "Midhi motham 1000 ayindhi, user charges extra" as the caption for a photo. Reminiscent of the well-known meme "Midhi motham 1000 ayindi, two livers extra" created by Kumari aunty, the caption accompanied a picture of a man chatting on the phone and riding a bike without a helmet.

To spread the word about the value of wearing helmets when riding two-wheelers, traffic cops took a novel technique. Users of twitter were drawn to the brilliant wordplay and responded with a barrage of comments and interaction.

K Sreenivasa reddy, the commissioner of police for the city, introduced 108 traffic bikes on Saturday. These vehicles will patrol the city's thoroughfares and remove impediments to traffic during rush hour.

Speaking at the event, the hyderabad CP stated that the police have made it a priority to guarantee that traffic on city highways moves freely, allowing people to get where they're going without encountering any bottlenecks. The patrol cars of the traffic police are equipped with sirens and public address systems. They would be employed when needed to remove vehicles parked illegally and guarantee that traffic moves freely," K Sreenivasa reddy stated.

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