Bird Flu Outbreak in Kerala: What Is H5N1?

State health Minister Veena George has directed the head of the health department to take essential measures in compliance with the kerala Public health Act of 2023, following reports of a bird flu outbreak that has impacted two panchayats in Alappuzha. Committees at the panchayat level have been entrusted with evaluating the circumstances and carrying out necessary actions. All panchayats in alappuzha and the surrounding areas are subject to this regulation, which mandates the revival of their "One Health" committees. According to a story by The Times of India, the health minister emphasized that even if bird flu hasn't yet infected humans in the state, it's crucial to take precautions to stop its spread.

Following testing on symptomatic duck samples sent to a bhopal lab, confirmation of bird flu emerged from ducks in Ward 1 of Edathva Grama panchayat and Ward 3 of Cheruthana Grama Panchayat. district authorities verified that H5N1, the bird flu, was present. On Friday, the Animal Husbandry Department (AHD) of the state conducted bird culling operations in the affected areas of Kuttanad in Alappuzha. Around 21,000 ducks will be put to death at Edathua and Cheruthana, the avian flu outbreak's epicenters, according to a story from The Hindu. There will also be culling of any domesticated birds within a one-kilometer radius of the outbreak zones.

Twelve border check posts are set up in tamil Nadu.

In an attempt to halt the spread of avian flu from alappuzha, surveillance has been stepped up at 12 border checkpoints in nearby tamil Nadu. These locations, which include a veterinary doctor and support staff, are found in places like Anaikatti, Walayar, and Velandavazham. vehicles carrying poultry goods are being stopped and turned around, while lorries coming in from kerala are being cleaned. According to the report, testing 432 samples from poultry farms revealed no signs of avian flu.


H5N1, also referred to as bird flu, is a highly virulent strain of avian influenza A, according to Live Science. It is known to cause serious sickness in poultry and can occasionally spread to humans and other mammals. While it mostly affects birds, it can also be lethal to non-avian species, such as humans. The virus was discovered for the first time in china in 1996. Notable human deaths occurred during outbreaks, one of which occurred in hong kong in 1997. The main way that bird flu is transmitted is via coming into touch with respiratory droplets, feces, or saliva from sick animals.

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