Alert: Five risky indicators of excessive Yawning...

Yawning is a common thing, but only if its coming is normal to you, that is, before falling asleep or after a little tiredness. If yawning is coming more than some number or excessive yawning occurs throughout the day, then it is a sign of some serious danger.

Boredom or tiredness is the cause of yawning but if you are yawning a lot without any specific reason, then you may need to consult a doctor. On an average, it is normal to yawn 5 to 10 times. According to the Sleep Foundation, people who yawn up to 100 times a day can have a variety of problems, ranging from insomnia to neurological disorders if you are yawning a lot for no specific reason. Sometimes it is also a sign of depression. So let's know what are the dangers of yawning.

Insufficient sleep

Yawning indicates that a person is not getting enough sleep or wakes up at night for some reason or the other.

Neurological causes

Signs of excessive sleepiness are also sometimes due to neurological reasons. Yawning occurs a lot even before Parkinson's, Parkinson's disease, acute stroke.

Insufficiency of water

Whenever there is a lack of water in the body, yawning starts and the body starts feeling tired and sleepy. This is a sign of danger. As soon as this happens, keep yourself well hydrated. Consume cold liquids.

Sleep apnea

Another important reason for yawning is if there is obstruction in breathing during sleep. This is called obstructive sleep apnea. We all know that the patient has apnoic episodes at night, so he is not able to sleep peacefully at night. That's why they are tired all day long, and keep yawning all day long.


Certain etiology such as narcolepsy, which is one of the few sleep disorders in which people have an excessive tendency to nap during the day. That's why they yawn a lot during the day.

These medical reasons are also responsible

Excessive yawning also occurs in chronic kidney disease. Sometimes yawning also occurs in headache or migraine. So it is important to pay attention to this issue because many times these patients become victims of road accidents while driving due to excessive fatigue and yawning.

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