Lost 60 sovereigns... Found 100 sovereigns..!? Twist..!

While aishwarya Rajinikanth had reported that 60 sovereigns of jewelry were stolen, the police recovered a total of 100 sovereigns of jewelry. A complaint was lodged with the police that 60 sovereigns of gold and diamond jewelry were missing from the house of actor Rajinikanth's daughter Aishwarya. After the investigation conducted by the police, it was found that a woman named Ishwari, who used to work for Aishwarya, had stolen these jewels. Since aishwarya Rajinikanth hasn't opened her locker for the past 4 years, aishwarya has been using it to make jewels.
Investigation revealed that Ishwari bought her own house in chennai for Rs 1 crore using the jewelry stolen from Aishwarya's house. Eshwari planned to buy a house by paying a lump sum so that she would be stuck. While aishwarya Rajinikanth had complained that 60 pieces of sovereign jewelry had been stolen, the police recovered a total of 100 pieces of sovereign jewelry. police are planning to investigate aishwarya Rajinikanth as more jewels have been seized than reported in the complaint. It is said that they are going to verify the jewelry with the receipts of the jewelry purchased by her.On the other hand, the investigation is also being carried out from the angle of whether Ishwari looted the additionally seized jewelry from Rajini and Dhanush's houses. Earlier, Ishwari became close to aishwarya when she was working at Rajini's house. Because of that habit, aishwarya has given her the freedom to go to all the rooms in her house. It is noteworthy that Ishwari has been involved in these theft activities by using it.

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