It is widely known that power star pawan kalyan is presently engaged on a number of projects, including OG, Bro The Avatar, and Ustaad Bhagat Singh. He has been concurrently working on these projects for a few months, and it is now rumoured that he will take a significant vacation from the filming.

Politics, so the story goes, is the cause of the breach. As part of his political party Janasena's campaign, pawan kalyan intends to launch the Varahi yatra around the middle of June. The Varahi yatra was originally scheduled to begin in april of this year, but it was delayed. Following this plan, pawan kalyan is probably not going to be participating in filming for a few days. He will begin working on the OG sets in hyderabad on this coming Monday. Since he founded the janasena party, pawan kalyan has been juggling his film and political schedules. Let's wish him well in his political endeavours.

Bro The Avatar, Pawan Kalyan's subsequent motion picture, will be released in theatres on July 28, 2023. On christmas weekend, OG, his second collaboration with the budding director Sujeeth, is scheduled for release. His final cinematic release, Ustaad Bhagat Singh, is scheduled to arrive in theatres in the early summer of 2019.

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