The conflict between sai dharam tej and his manager Satish Botta has received a lot of attention in the media and in writing. It is true that there is fallout, and it happened before anybody realised that things would need to be patched up. The circumstances surrounding this event are intriguing. Over the years, sai dharam tej and Satish have become close friends. Many people attempted to persuade the hero that Satish was the cause of his failure, but SDT decided to remain by him. So many people were surprised by this.

In Filmnagar, there is a rumour going around that bunny Vas was the mastermind behind this conflict. It appears that Satish arranged for sai dharam tej to star in three films with Bhogavalli prasad as well as films with AK, naga Vamsi, and Satish. bunny Vas senses that sai dharam tej is evaporating from their grasp. The hero's relative and the son of Dr. Venkateswara Rao of geetha Arts, Satish Kopineedu, is another Satish. He frequently works in production. He arranges communication between the producing company and the hero. He is not, as has been said, a new person. He has been working with sai dharam tej ever since he began.

Satish Kopineedu believes Satish Botta is neglecting him. He complained to SDT's mother about how he was being ignored. After SDT's mother became involved, SDT requested Satish Kopineedu work in Bro Post-production, something Satish Botta did not appreciate. As a result, SDT and Satish Botta fell out. The hero openly opened fire on him there. industry rumours claim that bunny Vas used Satish Koppineedi to create the rift. It was against Satish Botta since it concerned SDT's mother.

Because there have never been any prior rumours regarding bunny Vas, these rumours have caught everyone off guard. Additionally, if making a movie for GA2 is the sole difficulty, he may have negotiated the terms with the family. Then then, bunny Vas is the subject of several industry rumours. These rumours have a basis as well. bunny Vas and another person from the geetha complex came to the 'Bro' spot a short while after the Satish Botta incident. They're at the 'Bro' site for the first time, and there are rumours that this can't be a coincidence. Immediately following Satish Botta's departure, they claim bunny Vas attempted to infiltrate SDT's exclusive group.

As was previously said, all of this may be pure supposition. First off, bunny Vas has never said anything like that, and others may be making connections because Satish Koppineedi used to work at a geetha facility. It's also possible that bunny Vas simply happened to be passing by the 'Bro' area by coincidence.

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