The indian film industry views the time after the IPL as one of the finest seasons to release high-profile, expensive films. The audience would be sick of watching cricket and would like to vary their entertainment preferences by seeing an interesting movie at a theatre. The planned june 2 release of Shah Rukh Khan's Jawan was meant to take advantage of this advantage by being the first major movie following the IPL.

But the movie was put off till september 7 for a number of reasons. Adipurush now has the benefit of being the first high-profile movie to the theatres after the IPL. Adipurush will draw a tremendous number of viewers for at least two weeks due to Prabhas' pan-Indian celebrity and the unmatched attraction of the Lord Rama Theme, even though its substance is just about adequate. The public is currently ravenous for a big-screen extravaganza. It will be fascinating to observe how much Adipurush takes use of this unanticipated benefit of people's desire to see a movie after the IPL.

Some fans of bollywood film claim that Kriti is unsuited to assume the character of Sita Devi. They are using the same justification, citing her most recent filmography. "Kriti has performed in several glamour-bomb roles and flesh displays. Her item tunes are well known. She may be a wonderful person in real life, but her filmography contradicts the role of the saintly Sita Devi, a netizen said.

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