Beautiful anchor anasuya bharadwaj had modest tv beginnings and went the "glamorous" route to success on television. But over time, she became obsessed with the concept of being a diva on the big screen and gave up her wealthy and successful tv profession to devote more attention to it.
You'll be surprised to learn that despite Anasuya's desire, she is unable to land the action-oriented, female-centric parts she wants to play, like Vijayasanthi from Karthavyam. She is only offered roles that are comparable to Rangamathha after her performance of a strong author-backed character in rangasthalam that has a glamour dosage and a character journey.

She featured in a similarly seductive role as a prostitute with spicy looks in the newly released "Vimanam" movie trailer, which surprised many. But anasuya did all in her power to erase that impression, including refraining from publishing spicily-themed instagram posts and skipping a few tv appearances. Did it succeed?

Anasuya's solo performances as a female lead are failing for unclear reasons, and she is only able to land similar jobs because to her hot sidekick roles in movies. Her most recent thoughts on instagram, however, include a lip lock photo with her spouse and a bikini tease video, despite the fact that her appearance is inappropriate for it. At the same time, her most recent attempt to incite a fantastic hero's followers has fallen flat.

Perhaps anasuya should attend more auditions and meet casting directors in order to pursue a career as a star character artist or something similar rather than relying solely on social media to generate attention.

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